Is iDrink a phone case or an app?

Both! The iDrink is a phone case  with a built inbreathalyzer; you can download the free iDrink app from the app store.  The app will display your BAC level after you blow into the case.  The app will prompt you when to blow, and then display your BAC level.

What else comes with my case purchase?

Your breathalyzer phone case comes with an instructions manual and a charging micro USB cable.

Will my iDrink case make my phone lose its battery charge sooner?

No, The iDrink has its own separate rechargeable battery, so you never have to worry about your phone’s battery life changing because of it.

How will cabs know where I need to be picked up?

The great thing about The iDrink is you are given the option to call the nearest cab company from your current location.  Pick the cab company you want by touching the phone number on the screen, then give them your location that was used to find them or on google maps (the maps app on your iphone).Soon the taxi hail will be integrated with other ride services and be even easier to use.

How much does iDrink cost?

The iDrink is $99.99, but there is truly no price that you can put on saving lives and preventing injuries and deaths.

Can I return my iDrink if I do not like it?

Absolutely! We offer a 100% return policy. Just simply ship the iDrink back to us at the address on our website and we will ship you a brand new case at no cost to you.

Is the breathalyzer case bulky and heavy?

No, in fact, our sleek and sexy design will not only protect your phone, but add very little dimension to it over the other competitor’s models.

If I have an iDrink case, am I the only person it will work for?

No, your case is usable by anyone who wants to try! By downloading our free app, anyone who breathes into the breathalyzer can register their BAC level at any point day or night.

Does this case fit all phones?

As of right now, our case only fits the iPhone 6 and 6S; however, we are in the process of making other models to incorporate more smartphone options.

Does the case come in a variety of colors?

Yes, the case will be available in basic color choices including: black, grey, yellow, blue, green, red, and white.

If my phone dies, can I use the case and download the app on someone else’s phone?

Yes, the app will sync to the nearest case, so if you put your case on someone else’s phone that has the iDrink app, it will work perfectly.

Can I use the app multiple times in one day?

Not only can you use the app multiple times a day, but also as many times as you want!  Keep in mind that you have a battery indicator.  Once the battery is at 25% or less, it is time to charge your iDrink case. Please remember to charge your iDrink for at least two hours before using. This should last you approximately 4 days of usage.