The Breathalyzer

The breathalyzer is very easy to use. There is no ON button. It waits in a sleep state until the app connects with it. BE SURE TO CHARGE YOUR CASE before each time you go out. A simple two hour charge should last approximately 4 days. To use the breathalyzer, simply open the iDrink app and hit the take my BAC button. It will automatically connect with the case and give you a count down on the screen. Once the screen tells you to blow, simply apply an easy exhaled breath to the opening in the side of the case. Blow like you would if you were to make a flame dance but not go out. This breath only needs to last 3 seconds. Then simply wait for the app to show your BAC level!

Hail a cab

Once you see your BAC level, you can make the right decision to hail a cab to take you home. Simply hit the hail a cab button on the home screen. Soon there will be an option to choose your ride service like UBER or Lyft and other ride services.

Play the Game

Once your BAC level is displayed, simply hit the Play BAC Driver to play the only video game in the world that changes difficulty depending on your intoxication level. The more intoxicated you are, the more challenging the game gets.