Can you imagine a smartphone case, a breathalyzer, a game, and a taxi hail all in one? It is not too good to be true; it is The iDrink. Our unique smartphone case allows you to protect your phone, check your intoxication level, and make getting home simple and easy. With the iDrink, it goes everywhere you go.

Both breathalyzers and gaming devices have been on the rapid rise over the past several years. Our consumers want advanced technology solutions that make a night out on the town easy and fun. With The iDrink, you have all that you need in one simple cell phone case. Your phone is protected, your BAC level is accurately displayed, your safety is ensured, and your friends will have fun trying it out too!  You always have what you need right on your phone.

Convenience is the premise of The iDrink. After a long night out on the town, the last thing you want is to realize that what you need, you have forgotten. With The iDrink case, using a built-in breathalyzer that runs off it’s own rechargeable battery, you never have to worry. After seeing your intoxication level, you can make the responsible decision to hail a cab from the home screen.  While you wait for your cab, you can enjoy the only video game in the world that changes difficulty with your BAC level!  With The iDrink, your night just got a lot better.


I don’t own an iPhone.  But having this breathalyzer case on my phone will make me switch!” – Mike

The driving game gets harder if your intoxication level goes up?! Take my money now please!” – Wreath

I have had the privilege to try this device.  It is the most useful breathalyzer and smartphone case I have seen. I can not wait to get one for my phone.” – Dave

When you see how many people die each year on the roads due to alcohol, you realize how many people could use the iDrink breathalyzer phone case on their smartphone.” – Kevin